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Organized Abandonment:

The most common response to economic hardship is to enter panic mode and let the drive for dollars take priority over the commitment to mission and operational excellence. This may result in some short-term gains, but at what cost? Stay in panic mode and you will drive away loyal clients and supporters as you abandon what made your organization great in the past. Finally, you will see a race for the door as your team members search for a more stable workplace where they feel valued for their experience and accomplishments.

Without a viable plan for determining the “where” and “when” to make critical adjustments, many leaders are left to make reactive decisions that often face barriers to implementation, delaying or voiding the potential benefits or desired outcome. Leaders must decide immediately to act, not react to the changing economic realities.

Organized Abandonment is a thoughtful and planned approach to the realignment of resources. It is a response, not a reaction to the demands of the marketplace. It utilizes a collaborative process to explore the key aspects of an organization's current reality and potential opportunities to determine where the greatest impact can be realized, balanced by the effort required. Every product, program, process, and market will be put on a trial for its life to determine the priority of resource allocation and identify candidates for abandonment.

Balancing the passions of the members of the organization with quantitative data, Truth-sizing assists you in determining the “True Value” of each program, product, or division to the organization. Its ultimate aim is to drive greater operational alignment with the organization's mission to fully leverage the resources available. As is critical for success in any change initiative, emotions are validated and refocused to address the new realities.

Hard choices will still have to be made. However, your team will share in the decision-making process, allowing them to own the changes and feel purpose in the sacrifices that they make. The decisions that are made will be grounded in facts and findings, giving support for them to those then asked to implement. Ultimately, the Truth-sizing process will result in a leaner, more centered, and more energized organization that is both economically viable and focused on a greater purpose than simply surviving.

Your consultant will engage the members of your organization to gather the data and establish the criteria for the value analysis that will be needed to support the decision making process implemented through facilitated sessions. The engagement may require the involvement of members of your organization beyond the session participants. Therefore, we provide engagement support beyond the onsite session preparation as required in order to accomplish the objectives. The level of support beyond the session facilitations is based on the needs of the organization, the skill of the participants, the availability of the information and the timeline for completion as set by the sponsor.


How are decisions made in your organization? Do leaders rely on their “gut,” chasing any opportunity that “looks good?” Or is a system in place to gather evidence, consider critical issues and make reasoned decisions?

Decisioneering is a critical component of the Visioneering model. It has been designed to activate an organization’s mission and core values to build and apply a highly effective decision-making tool. Rather than making decisions on poorly defined criteria – or none at all – a leader utilizing the Decisioneering™ tool can expect to know what issues need to be considered, what evidence is available to address those issues, and how well the opportunity fits into the mission of the organization.

Throughout the Decisioneering process, leaders are challenged to confront their fears, manage their frustrations, avoid false opportunities and prepare effectively for the occasional failures that are an unavoidable part of life.

The Decisioneering model does not guarantee success. It ensures that all relevant issues will be considered and the hard questions will be asked. This will allow leaders to make the hard choices on the basis of solid evidence and well thought out arguments.

Success follows when correct decisions are implemented effectively.

To learn more about DecisioneeringTM, download our Decisioneering Fact Sheet.

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