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Visioneering: Planning Solutions
Alignment Begins with Truth

No matter the strategy used, nor the effort put forth, if your vision, mission and goals are not grounded in truth, your efforts will fail. Choose a planning model that begins with truth.

VisioneeringTM requires that we reach beyond our imagination. Visions based on facts, findings, observations, experiences, standards, norms and laws find their origin in things more substantial and concrete, providing us with a clearer image. A true vision then finds its basis more in the here and now, rather than in the there and then. The focus is on embracing the greatness already at work in your organization as you meet the challenges of today and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow.

VisioneeringTM is not a static planning model, though it contains a robust planning component. Rather, Visioneering is a dynamic operating model designed to provide the organizational focus and structure you need to fulfill your mission while responding to the ever-changing landscape of the marketplace. This is where your vision meets reality. This is where decisions have to be made every day, not just once every five years.

VisioneeringTM anticipates the real needs of a maturing organization in real time. Traditional planning models are linear and often based in conjecture. They begin by asking you to imagine who or what or where you want to be somewhere and sometime in the future. Planners then develop strategies to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. The focus is on what is missing today and will be needed tomorrow rather than your potential impact in the now.

This linear approach to planning rarely acknowledges the rapid pace of change we are experiencing, or the unreliable nature of “If A, then B” models. What happens if the organization or the marketplace no longer value “B” by the time you get there, or if “B” just doesn't exist any more? Think about all the wasted effort to get you somewhere you were never intended to go.

VisioneeringTM utilizes a collaborative process to explore every aspect of our current reality and potential opportunities until the foundations of a clear vision come into view. From that shared vision of what is now and is meant to be in the future, the VisioneeringTM team assists you in creating an organizational mission and in aligning your operations to that mission. Strategies for engaging the changing realities are designed into the process.

VisioneeringTM is an ideal tool for any client seeking to embrace greatness, rather than mere success. It can be used successfully by both non-profit and for-profit organizations and by government agencies. It is uniquely beneficial for groups that utilize models of shared leadership, or that have realized that the fulfillment of their mission must be measured in something more than the accumulation or management of wealth. Organizations will benefit most from VisioneeringTM if:

  • You are facing an uncertain future in which the vision you had for your organization no longer seems relevant.
  • You see opportunity in the changes that are occurring in the marketplace but aren't sure how to structure your organization to take advantage of them.
  • You are tired of redoing your strategic plan using the same methods and strategies that didn't work last time.
  • Your leadership is divided about how to address today's challenges and you need assistance unifying their efforts toward a common vision.
  • You are ready to embrace the greatness you know exists within your organization
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Beyond Visioneering:

In addition to our core VisioneeringTM model, we have developed these complimentary tools:

Organized AbandonmentTM: Designed to assist leaders who must restructure their organization and align their operations to fit a new vision, Organized AbandonmentTM utilizes shared decision-making to build unity within the team and focus efforts on the unique attributes already present.

Designed to activate an organization's Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles, a customized DecisioneeringTM model provides an effective decisioning tool that can be reliably utilized at any level within an organization.