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RELEASE DATE: September 15, 2014
SUBJECT: Veritas Visioneering, Inc. Releases New Website.

Tierah L. Chorba, Founder and President of Veritas Visioneering, today proudly announces the release of a complete website redesign for the company. The new site, at, features a greatly expanded listing of services and much more information about the unique vision and mission of Veritas Visioneering.

"We will be continuing to add functionality to the site over the coming weeks," stated Chorba, "including a new market place where clients will be able to purchase facilitation, training and coaching services directly from the website." This will save time and effort for both Veritas staff and the clients.

Chorba is encouraging all of her clients and friends to review the site and to send feedback. She stated that they expect there to be a few typos and want to know as soon as possible if there are any bugs that need to be fixed.

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