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About Veritas Visioneering
About Veritas

Veritas Visioneering was founded in 2008 as a facilitation, training and consulting firm that embraced two fundamental principles - that greatness exists within all of us and that truth both exists and can be discovered for every situation we encounter. Our founders, Tierah Chorba and Walt Hanks, have over 50 years of combined experience in business, planning, and education. They started Veritas because they desired a vehicle for building greatness and facilitating change grounded in truth.

Veritas Visioneering has developed proprietary models for planning, managing change, engaging authentic accountability, and building healthy workplace relationships. The primary model, Visioneering, is an intentional, authentic and balanced approach to leveraging each moment in life with true purpose.

Our Key Services

  • Facilitation: Often referred to as the "Art and Science of Group Process Management," the facilitation process is at the core of all we do. Our professional facilitators have experience in Corporate, Government, Academic, Health Care, Non-Profit and Faith-Based settings. We have led meetings as small as 5-person planning teams to as large as 2000-person International Conferences with over 20 languages spoken. We have led everything from Corporate Board Meetings to small Marketing Focus Groups. We have the talent and experience to lead your meeting to success.

  • RelationeeringTM People Solutions: We have brought together a compilation of interventions developed to address the needs created by this reality: There is no organization, no project, no program or initiative that cannot be sabotaged by ineffective human behavior. Unlike single-strategy approaches that may have done little good and more harm, RelationeeringTM combines training, facilitation, coaching, and transitional support. It is uniquely designed to address the full body of issues that are limiting your collective potential and feeding the destructive forces in your organization.

  • VisioneeringTM Planning Solutions: A dynamic planning model, VisioneeringTM was developed to provide the tools and direction needed for any organization to find and fulfill its true mission while responding to the ever-changing landscape of the marketplace. A customized VisioneeringTM model will help you define a shared organizational vision, refine that vision into a functional mission, and align your operations toward that vision and mission.

  • SolutioneeringTM Process Solutions: Our approach is simple. We believe that the answers to your organizational challenges can be found within the combined knowledge and experience of the members of your team. Using our unique facilitated approach, our consultants help you define the challenges more completely, develop and test possible solutions, implement the best choice and evaluate its impact. We combine our process expertise with your unique industry knowledge to build operational excellence.

  • Training: Training is one of the most effective ways to build alignment in your team, but only if the training is done purposefully and effectively. "FacilitrainingTM" is the proprietary training model we use in all of our courses. It is a guided learning process that engages each participant in developing their own personal objective for the course and in discovering their own personal relevance.

  • Coaching: Coaching is a powerful tool that is being widely utilized in every industry and in the not-for-profit and public sectors. Often called a process, coaching is better understood as a guided journey. We offer three type of coaching services, Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching abd Life Coaching.

  • Consulting: You can learn every lesson the hard way. Or you can leverage the experience and hard-earned wisdom of others through effective consulting. Our consultants have faced some big challenges, taken big risks, blazed new trails, seen big success and been capsized and turned inside-out ... and have lived to tell the tail. Benefit from their lessons learned.
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Our Vision ...

Greatness in the marketplace will be evidenced by an organization’s ability to maintain a mission focus while pursuing operational excellence.

Our Mission ...

We serve as a catalyst, a guide and a resource for those who seek to define, refine and align themselves with a true vision.

Veritas Visioneering is ...

  • Seeking Truth
  • Vision Focused
  • Team and Family Driven
  • Person Centered
  • Bound by Love
  • Embracing Standards of Behavior and Excellence
  • Operationally Excellent
  • Working to Refine the Marketplace
  • An Agent of Change
  • Led by God
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