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Our courses focus on communication, leadership, and accountability. Each has been designed to facilitate positive changes as each participant learns to use their strengths to bridge gaps in their skills and grow as leaders in their organizations. These courses are given below:

Communication * Leadership * Accountability

Communication Courses

DiSC-Powered Communication:
We have partnered with Wiley (formerly Inscape), the creators of the original DiSC® Assessment, to bring our clients a host of tools backed by over 70 years of research and development. These tools include:

  • Workplace DiSC®: the best choice for general workforce development, this course begins with an objective assessment of each participant's natural interaction style and includes individualized instruction on how to interact more effectively with those who utilize other styles.
  • DiSC®-Powered Management: This highly adaptable course builds upon the basic DiSC assessment to address four key management processes: motivation, directing and delegating, developing others, and working with a manager.
  • Everything DiSC® - The Work of Leaders: When participants need to strengthen their natural leadership skills, but are not ready for a 360-type effort, this course provides an effective alternative. Participants are rated on their natural leadership style within the 8 dimensions of Leadership and provided personalized direction on how to increase their effectiveness in each area.
  • Leadership 360+3: Offered as either a coaching engagement or a hybred course, participants in this intense effort will gain valuable insight into their natural communication and leadership styles, develop understanding of their strengths within the 8 dimensions of leadership, and develop action plans to strengthen those dimensions that need improvement.
  • Improving Your Listening Skills: This 1-day course supports the discovery of five different approaches to listening and the refinement of each participant’s most natural listening approaches.
  • DiSC®-Powered Selling: Participants in this 1-day course discover the four approaches to selling and learn how to adapt their natural selling styles to customers with different buying styles.
  • Discovering Diversity®: By exploring diversity issues in four key areas this course helps employees learn how they respond to workforce diversity issues and where they need to develop increased understanding. It is the foundation on which effective communication, acceptance, and teamwork can be built.
  • Dimensions of a Team: This workshop helps people learn to work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others. Organizations use it to build team unity, foster innovation, and reduce project cycle time.
Courage-Powered Conversations:
You know you should say something, but… you don’t. You are not suffering in silence or from a lack of conviction or even a lack of understanding of the consequences of leaving things unspoken. You are just painfully aware of the more compelling consequences of trying and failing. You simply don’t have any confidence in your ability to engage in difficult conversations and reach a positive outcome.

Fear, frustration, resentment; they won’t be silenced forever. They always find ways to be heard through other forms of expression: error, apathy, division, cynicism. Consider your growing discontent and multiply that by all the people in your organization. You immediately comprehend the danger of leaving the truth unspoken.

In this dynamic module from our groundbreaking Relationeering Series, we tackle the hard truths about speaking the truth and equip participants with the insight, tools and skills that will allow you to master Courage-Powered Conversations. This one-day course is a must for any organization in which the boss is always the last to know.

Transparent Truth:
You know that transparency is today’s reality, but you don’t really know what that means. Who needs the information, what information do they need, and how will they use that information? Is there anything that is still private? How have Google, twitter, blogging, Wikepedia, and the myriad other electronic tools that connect us impacted those answers?

Veritas Visioneering, Inc. has developed a three-step process for assisting your organization to achieve authentic transparency. Each step is tailored to your needs and capacities. The complete package of transparency services includes:

  1. Development of a comprehensive transparency plan customized to your needs
  2. Training of key staff prior to implementation of the transparency plan
  3. Coaching to provide ongoing assistance through the implementation phase
Transparent Truth is a powerful tool that can lead to greater efficiency, increased productivity and increased profitability. For more information about, download our information sheet now.

Leadership Courses

Inventories & Assessments:
We have a wide variety of tools available to assess a person's leadership style and skill level. They include:

From Wiley Publishing

  • Everything DiSC-The Work of Leaders: Best used as an introduction to the 8 basic roles of a leader, this assessment provides valuable feedback with clear and easily understood recommendations.
  • Leadership 360+3: This comprehensive look at both interaction and leadership style combines input from subordinates, peers and supervisors with two inventories to provide both a deep understanding of any person's strengths and weaknesses as a leader and a clear plan for improvement. Unlike other 360 assessments, this tool does not permit open-ended responses from raters, thus reducing the risk of inappropriate or disruptive behavior.
From Other Publishers:

Other assessments available to our clients include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Strength-Finders, and others as needed.

Leadership Courses:
Following completion of the first step in leadership development - Assessments and Inventories - Veritas clients have a wide variety of courses to choose from, all taught in the unique Veritas style called "Facilitraining." Our three most popular leadership courses are:

  • Leading from Within: Drawing upon the principles found in “The 360° Leader,” by John C. Maxwell, participants in this full-day course are encouraged to build positive relationships and develop internal leadership. Participants learn how to influence others, work to overcome the “position myth,” engage the five levels of leadership, and develope specific strategies for building personal leadership potential.
  • DiSC-Powered Management: This highly adaptable full-day course builds upon the basic DiSC assessment to address four key management processes most leaders must know: motivation, directing and delegating, developing others, and working with a manager.
  • Everything DiSC-The Work of Leaders: The companion to the Work of Leaders assessment, this highly individualized course addresses individual strengths and weaknesses within the 8 roles of leadership and provides personalized instruction on how to utilize strengths more effectively and overcome weaknesses.
  • Leadership 360+3: In this highly individualized hybred course, participants gain valuable insight into their natural communication and leadership styles, develop understanding of their strengths within the 8 dimensions of leadership, and develop action plans to strengthen those dimensions that need improvement, all without the high costs and organizational strife often associated with 360 programs.
  • Coaching for Excellence: Leaders know their people are capable of more and want to harness that capacity for higher performance. Coaching for Excellence is the solution. The coaching interaction in this workshop will help leaders bring out the best in their direct reports as they learn to think and see things in new ways, take better actions, access available resources and reach for greater challenges. Aligning the power of people with a leader’s business strategy enables them to deliver the results necessary to achieve their objectives.
  • Adventures in Attitudes®: For more than 50 years, individuals have raved about the positive effects that Adventures in Attitudes® has had on their lives. This 3-day mind-expanding experience helps motivate people from the inside out. Each of the 74 projects leads groups through exercises that cause participants to focus on important questions, such as:
    • How do I handle people problems at home and at work?
    • How do I solve my problems? Make decisions?
    • What is my work and what are my attitudes toward work? Do they need to be changed?
  • Coping and Stress®: This profile is a unique, self-directed learning instrument that provides people with valuable feedback on stress and coping in four interconnected areas of life: Personal, Work, Couple, and Family.
  • Insights in Personal Learning: Lifelong learning is an essential skill for people at all levels of an organization. The Personal Learning Insights Profile® that serves as the foundation for this workshop, helps people identify their personal learning approach, communicate their learning needs, and access more effective learning resources.
  • Time Mastery: Participants learn to set priorities and manage time more effectively by evaluating their effectiveness in 12 critical areas. Organizations use it to help their employees accomplish more, meet project deadlines, and better serve their customers.
  • Work Expectations: People with well-defined expectations are more productive and enjoy greater job satisfaction. The Work Expectations Profile® helps employees understand and manage their work expectations. Organizations use it to facilitate performance reviews and help people adjust to organizational change.
  • DiSC® Classic Customer Service: Use the DiSC® Customer Service Action Planner to identify a customer's DiSC behavioral style and develop appropriate responses to better meet their needs. Then, use the information to:
    • increase customer satisfaction
    • address customer concerns
    • create a successful service plan
    • gain customer loyalty

Accountability Courses

Developing Charitable Accountability at the Personal Level:
This introductory course provides a clear understanding of personal accountability, its attributes and benefits, and strategies for implementation. Participants gain experience developing a personal accountability plan, selecting an accountability partner, engaging strategies to overcome barriers and implementing personal accountability in a team.

In this comprehensive and dynamic course, participants learn:

  • The definition and components of Charitable Accountability
  • The consequences of a lack of accountability
  • Strategies for meeting common barriers to the adoption of accountability
  • How to develop a list of core personal values to inform your accountability efforts
  • The steps to selecting an accountability partner
  • How to implement Charitable Accountability within a team
  • Letting the rubber hit the road – moving charitable accountability from the classroom to the workplace

Developing Charitable Accountability at the Team Level:
This second component of our accountability curriculum was developed to provide leaders whose team members already embrace personal responsibility with the knowledge and skills needed to begin engaging charitable accountability within their organization. While it is useful for any participant, even if the process is not being utilized within their organization, the course is designed for individuals who will be implementing charitable accountability as part of an overall organizational process. This two-day course includes 2 hours of telephone-based personal coaching.

From Conflict to Resolution:
Conflict is a natural state within any team. The way in which the team views the conflict and responds to it determines whether or not conflict increases the team’s success or destroys the team morale. Increased personal and team awareness combined with learned strategies for managing conflict greatly improve the team’s performance and satisfaction.

Leaders participating in this critical skills building session will be able to:

  • identify the positive and negative aspects of conflict,
  • recognize the five ways people deal with conflict,
  • evaluate a conflict situation and determine what actions to take,
  • mediate a conflict between employees,
  • document a conflict situation if necessary, and
  • prevent/minimize destructive conflicts from occurring on their team.

For more information about our courses, download our Key Services flyer.

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