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Training for Alignment:

Training is one of the most effective ways to build alignment in your team, but only if the training is done purposefully and effectively. Every course should have a clear objective that is tied to your organization's vision, mission and core values, and to the strategies being employed to accomplish that mission. Thus, it will have true purpose.

Further, it should be provided in a way that engages the participant in discovering their own personal relevance and in seeking understanding for themselves. A traditional lecture, or "knowledge dump," just won't work. Only when properly designed and properly presented can training be truelly effective.

Q: Why should we look to Veritas for training?
A: Because we train the Veritas way. This means you can expect that all participants will know why they are in the class and what they can expect to take away from the experience. You can expect very little lecture and a lot of guided self-discovery. You can expect personalized and individualized recommendations that focus on each participant's strengths and how they can be adapted to close any gaps that have been identified. Finally, you can expect results.

Before we schedule any class, we will ask you to fully explain your purpose in offering the class. Is there a problem you are trying to address? What is the identified need? Then we will work hard to ensure that the participants receive the instruction needed to address those needs. We know that training dollars are hard to come by and we will honor your trust in us by always providing the best possible training experience and always focusing on your purpose for our being there.

Q: Do you offer customized training?
A: Yes, we offer both customized core classes and fully custom builds. Our core offerings are always adapted to meet the needs of our private clients, and can be customized further if needed. That's part of the Veritas experience. However, when a client needs a fully customized course developed from the ground up, we can handle that as well. We have a panel of instructional designers and course developers available to develop curriculum to meet any organization's unique needs.

Q: Do you offer public classes?
A: Not yet, but we expect to soon. We are working to begin offering public classes in the Atlanta and Portland areas during the second quarter of 2014. We will add other locations as demand indicates. Check back here for a schedule of classes. If you would like to see us offer a public class in your area, let us know!

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"Facilitraining" is the proprietary training model we use in all of our courses. It is a guided learning process that engages each participant in developing their own personal objective for the course and in discovering their own
personal relevance.

"Facilitraining" supports the development of life-long learning habits, teamwork and
cooperative learning.

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