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The Process of Problem Solving
A Systems Approach

System: A group of interacting, interrelated or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.

The nervous system. The eco-system. The solar system. Within us, around us and beyond, systems frame our lives. All point us to the power of design, the power of relationships and the power of progress.

Within organizations system power is leveraged through the alignment of Planning, People and Process to produce sustainable results. Not only is the sum greater than the individual parts, but stand-alone efforts in any area fail to produce the desired results. It requires more than a well designed strategic plan, more than a quality training program and more than good process engineering. It requires a deliberate effort to integrate and align all three with a clear and actionable mission.

This is SolutioneeringTM.

It is an approach that is as effective when applied to an individual challenge as it is when applied globally. Our consultants have the tools and experience to apply our systems approach within any organization.

The will begin by helping you Define the challenge more completely, and more objectively. Then they will work with you to Refine a plan to meet your challenge. Then they will work to Align your planning, people and processes to achieve success.

Tools of the Trade:

We have equiped our consultants with a wide range of customized tools. Each of them utilizes effective Facilitation strategies to engage your team and build alignment during the SolutioneeringTM process. Their tool selection begins with our innovative VisioneeringTM and Organized AbandonmentTM planning models. Our DecisioneeringTM tool provides a perfect complinent to any planning effort.

Our consultants have a full set of alignment tools as well. These include our Transparency and DiSC-Powered Communication models, as well as our Communication and Leadership training programs. Next, our Authentic AccountabilityTM model is an essential component of all allignment efforts. Finally, we have effective Coaching services available to support you throughout the implementation process.

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No effort to provide
comprehensive solutions to the challenges facing organizations today can begin without leaders deciding to open their minds and hearts to the process of problem solving.

Only when leaders are open
to all possibilities can sustainable solutions be achieved.

Walt Hanks