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Relationeering: People Solutions
What is RelationeeringTM?

The short answer is that RelationeeringTM is a compilation of interventions developed to address the needs created by this reality: There is no organization, no project, no program or initiative that cannot be sabotaged by ineffective human behavior. The more meaningful answer is RelationeeringTM is what is missing when:

  • E-mail is being used as a long-range weapon.
  • No one knows how to have “the conversation” that everyone knows needs to happen.
  • Increased training or oversight has not improved performance.
  • The most widely practiced form of communication is gossip.
  • Team members take offense more often than they take action.
  • Conflict Management has come to mean avoid, ignore, dismiss, defend, or retaliate.
  • “They” are the source of most of our problems.
  • Conjecture, opinions and assumptions are substituted for truth.
  • No one on the team has any unused sick days.
  • If you loose any more players, you will have to forfeit the game.
  • The root word “merge” seems to be missing in your merger.

While no one is immune from the destructive power of ineffective human behavior, none achieve greatness without leveraging the power of people. Every business equation has a human factor.

Our Approach:

Unlike single strategy approaches that may have done little good and more harm, RelationeeringTM combines training, facilitation, coaching, and transitional support. It is uniquely designed to address the full body of issues that are limiting your collective potential and feeding the destructive forces in your organization.

Until you effectively engage the human element, all you have achieved, all you have become, all you are meant to be, are in jeopardy.

Give Feedback Ask Questions Begin Leveraging our Capacities

There are no magic pills.

The challenges you face are as unique and complex as the people that comprise your organization.

Real solutions, then,
cannot be one dimensional.

RelationeeringTM interventions and tools are designed to support:

Leadership: Alignment is difficult to achieve without effective leaders providing direction at all levels in your organization.
Accountability: Accountability is not a tool for catching and punishing poor performers. It is an essential tool for receiving the information and providing the feedback needed to achieve alignment.
Communication: Alignment cannot be achieved without communication that is effective at all levels within your organization.