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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership development has become a complex business, with many different models of what a "leader" is and thousands of books and classes telling us how to become one. At Veritas, we believe that leadership is a natural process that anyone can engage in. Rather than trying to make everyone fit into some artificial mold of what a leader ought to be, we follow a simple 4-step process to help each person bring out their own natural leadership style.

Step 1: Assessments and Inventories. We offer a variety of methods to assess each person's natural leadership style, determine strengths and weaknesses, and measure how each person naturally responds to leadership challenges. The results of these assessments serve as the foundation for the next step in leadership development.

Step 2: Training. Building upon the results of the inventories and assessments, a training program is developed to help each person better utilize their strengths while minimizing the impact of their weaker areas. The goal is always to build upon those effective leadership behaviors that come naturally, a process which provides the opportunity for each person to experience immediate growth as a leader.

Step 3: Coaching. For those who desire to move further as a leader, Veritas offers personal leadership coaching. Our coaches guide each developing leader into challenging activities designed to activate their natural leadership style in new ways and in new situations. The goal is always to learn how to use existing strengths to meet challenges, not to try to change who each person is as a leader.

Step 4: Transitional Support. Every leader experiences periods of change and transition. It may be time to seek a new challenge or for a new leader to take their place within the organiztion. Change is inevitable. Veritas offers transitional support during these periods, including succession planning.

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“Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”

Vince Lombardi