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Facilitation: The art & science of group process management
Facilitation is the "Art & Science of Group Process Management."
It can be applied in any setting and for any purpose, so long as there are people involved, a clear purpose has been established and a defined process has been chosen to accomplish that purpose.

Meeting Facilitation:

THEY are all here. The Over Participators and the Hold Outs. The Colleagues Against Virtually Everything and their counter parts, the Yes Men. The Meeting Hijackers, the Avoiders, the Finger-Twiddlers and the Stragglers. A magnificent assembly.

You need a plan, an answer, some information, a solution… and THEY have it or THEY will have to execute it.

You have a choice to make. Entertain a Career Limiting Move and face them alone, or call in a professional with the skills and experience to achieve the meeting purpose no matter who is in the room.

Whether we serve as your stand-in, your wingman or your coach, we are here to see that you walk out the hero. Add the secret weapon of professional facilitation to your arsenal and join other leaders who achieve:

  • Alignment
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enterprise Implementation
  • Reduced Unproductive Conflict
  • Improved Team Cohesion
  • High Impact, Sustainable Change
Our professional facilitators have experience in Corporate, Government, Academic, Health Care, Non-Profit and Faith-Based settings. We have led meetings as small as 5-person planning teams to as large as 2000-person International Conferences with over 20 languages spoken. We have led everything from Corporate Board Meetings to small Marketing Focus Groups. We have the talent and experience to lead your meeting to success.

Our facilitators have led every type of meeting, including:

  • Board Meetings
  • Planning groups
  • Community Coalitions
  • Focus Groups
  • Work Groups
  • and many more!
Virtual Facilitation:

What about, “Put your phone on MUTE!” don’t you understand?” We’ve been there.

While improved technology and the rising cost of travel are making the virtual meeting a popular option for many organizations, there is no getting around the truth that virtual meetings bring their own brand of “crazy”.

They require a unique set of skills to lead. Our facilitators deliver with specialized strategies that minimize the chaos and maximize productive engagement. Don't let technology rule your meetings. Hire a skilled facilitator and take back control of your virtual meetings.

Give Feedback Ask Questions Start Alignment

Our Professional Facilitators are available to provide guidance through all phases of the planning and development process.

This includes defining the opportunities, challenges or questions to be addressed, refining the processes to be used and aligning your efforts to reach your goals.