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Facilitation: The art & science of group process management
What is Facilitation?

The short answer is that facilitation is the art and science of group process management. The more meaningful answer is facilitation is what is missing when:

  • The elephant in the room has grown so big, there is no room left for innovative ideas or solutions.
  • “Brainstorming” rarely progresses past a “light drizzle.”
  • The word “meeting” draws such negative reactions in your organization it must only be referred to as the “M” word.
  • Interrupting is the new “active listening.”
  • Your conference rooms are beginning to resemble insane asylums where the patients are running things.
  • Dismissing every comment before it is heard is used as a time management strategy to insure the meeting ends on time.
  • The local chapter of “Colleagues Against Virtually Everything” is recruiting heavily in your organization.
Whether a few or many of these indicators struck a chord with you, enlisting the help of a professional facilitator is the catalyst that can transform your current reality into highly productive team environments where innovation thrives, participants are empowered, decisions are well supported and positive actions follow.

Why Veritas?

Our skilled facilitators bring the added benefit of The Veritas Approach. We are unique in our passion for digging deep to find the true cause of the challenges being faced, seeking allignment with the organization's vision, mission and guiding principles, and ensuring that all parties are heard in the process. Our facilitators bring the Veritas committment to ensuring that there is always a clear purpose to everything being undertaken.

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"Skillful Facilitation is
the factor that differentiates
a productive meeting
from a waste of time
in any environment.

Through that common lens
we can leverage best practices
to address the issues
that often result in
a lack of engagement."


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