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Communication: Building alignment with communication that is transparent, courageous and true.

We all do it, or so we think. It's a natural process, right? Then why do so many misunderstanding, miscommunications and conflicts occur around us every day? Maybe Effective Communication isn't as organic a process as we think?

We know that Effective Communication is what is missing when:

  • Email wars and text bombs are more common than actual conversations.
  • Information hording is a prized skill.
  • The people who know what went wrong are too afraid to speak up.
  • Screaming is the only volume the boss knows.
  • An office pool places odds on who will leave crying first.
  • Just mentioning the word "transparency" is enough to turn any meeting into a war zone.
On the bright side, THERE IS HOPE!

At Veritas we know that Functional Transparency can strengthen any organization. We also know that most people want to get along, and they want their employer to succeed. However, we also know that some employees, and some leaders, don't have the skills they need to communicate effectively. Others have discovered that the organizational culture actually hinders information sharing. And still others just need an excuse to change their behavior.

We have developed highly effective Communication Training Programs utilizing theoretically sound principles and well designed tools to build communication skills and change attitudes. Select the links above to learn how our family of DiSC-Powered Communication courses can builld skills and change attitudes, how Courage-Powered Communication can get information flowing to those who need it and how our Transparent Truth program can help you build a functional transparency plan that strengthens your organization. We also offer Essentials of Presentation training that can help transform your meetings.

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Communication Training

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