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Coaching: A Personal Catalyst for Success
Why Coaching?

Your capacity to successfully align with change is dependent on four things.

  1. Awareness: The ability to “see” what is not in our natural line of sight; the true state of our character and the impact of our behavior.
  2. Accountability: A partner in the fight against fear, apathy, disappointment and disorganization. No one can take down all these giants alone.
  3. Objective Counsel: An unbiased source of direction when we find ourselves off-road without a map; a trusted compass that cannot be influenced, pointing the way to solutions and opportunities. The benefit of another’s experience or expertise.
  4. Support: A source of encouragement and reinforcement when the circumstances are bigger than we are or when the pain that is a natural part of the growth process threatens to turn us back from the path to our goals.
Without any one of these, people become stunted or stagnant in one or in many areas. They become casualties of life and then, in turn, create more casualties. A coach is the resource for all four critical elements for growth and development.

As adults, our needs for Awareness, Accountability, Objective Counsel and Support don’t diminish, but our sources do. More often our needs in these areas increase because the adult landscape changes more rapidly and the performance bar is always being raised. New roles, new teams, new circumstances, all demand more from us.

When access to Awareness, Accountability, Objective Counsel and Support are increased or restored, healthy growing people begin to be a source of those critical growth elements for those around them. The benefits of the ripple effect are without limits.

Within organizations where coaches are at work the benefits appear as increases in consistency, productivity, collaboration, innovation, positive conflict resolution, personal responsibility, career path momentum, sound decision making, ease and continuity through transitions and influencing global results.

Alignment through coaching is accomplished through a combination of assessment, facilitated discussion and processing, instruction, application and monitoring.

Three Coaching Formats

  • Individual: Coaching a single participant in order to achieve personal, career, or role specific goals. Individual sessions may be conducted face-to-face, by web application or by telephone.

  • Group or Cohort: Simultaneous coaching of multiple individuals through the facilitation of group sessions. All participants of a group coaching session have similar performance goals and similar barriers. Unlike Team Coaching the participants are not directly dependent on the other members of the group to achieve their individual performance goals, though the entire group may benefit from their achievement.

    Sessions address topics relevant to all participants through awareness engagements, knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, application of diagnostic feedback and analysis and a group accountability process. Group sessions may be conducted face-to-face, by web application or by telephone conference call.

  • Team: Coaching of a composite entity made up of individuals but that has its own unique goals and objectives held separately from or in common with the goals represented by each participant. These goals cannot be accomplished by the individuals separately but can only be reached collectively.
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Types of Coaching Available:

Veritas offers coaching services in three areas:

Executive Coaching: Our Executive Coaching services focus on Career Visioneeering, Leadership Development, Sales Mastery and Career Transitions.

Performance Coaching: This is a more focused, event-specific or time-limited form of coaching that can be provided to both teams and individuals.

Life Coaching: We offer two specific forms of life coaching, Personal Visioneering and Chronic Disease Self-mastery.