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Charitable Accountability

Like effective communication, accountability is critical for the health and effectiveness of every organization. The recent crisis in the financial industry is just the latest in a long string of accountability failures that have gripped the marketplace. These failures have led to regulatory efforts that hold organizations accountable while failing to recognize the role of individuals, and accountability models that emphasize control and punishment while limiting personal freedom and discouraging individual initiative. Neither effort has been successful in reducing fraud, greed, and shortsighted business practices, nor in addressing the lack of vision and long-term planning that permeates many organizational cultures.

Veritas Visioneering has developed a standards-based accountability model that emphasizes the development of a supportive environment in which vision and mission-focused peers and leaders communicate effectively to drive personal and organizational excellence. The emphasis is on being held accountable to a standard rather than being accountable to a person.

A Standard of Excellence: Personal and Organizational Success through Charitable Accountability is vision and mission focused, peer driven, and growth oriented. It starts with a foundation of personal responsibility and builds into a model in which all members of an organization, from CEO to intern, can rely upon the support of peers as they work to meet or exceed standards for success that have been applied to their specific needs.

A Standard of Excellence can be implemented individually, as a team, or throughout an organization. However, it is most effective when employed globally. At Veritas Visioneering, we have developed a series of three courses that, when combined with our coaching and consulting services, will provide the tools needed to fully engage the authentic accountability process. All courses utilize our unique “facilitraining” model. The extensive use of real-world scenarios and hands-on experiences helps build confidence and proficiency at applying the concepts being taught.

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"If we want unity,
we must all be unifiers.

If we want accountability,
each of us must be accountable
for all we do."

Christine Gregoire